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Whether you are a one-map operation of a vast corporation (or any business operation that falls between the two), you need to plan your Internet marketing process if you are going to have any kind of benefit derived from your marketing efforts. The bigger a business grows the more elaborate and sophisticated the marketing tools become. The thing is that these tools can help anyone but unless you are on the larger side of the business pool, you probably cannot hire twenty people to analyze the global market and present a report telling you exactly where your business is, where the competitors are, what they are doing, what you need to do, how to do it, and how much it will cost for how long.

However, just because it sounds so intimidating does not mean that you can it without further thought. You do not need an army of marketing gurus in order to plan your Internet marketing process. All it needs a little common sense and business acumen, both of which can be acquired through education, training, and experience.

The best to go in case you are new to the whole Internet marketing game is to do what is known as «micro level planning». Micro planning is a good way to knowing exactly where you are and where you wish to go from here.

Here is how to plan your Internet marketing process using micro planning.

Being by asking yourself a simple question: Why are you marketing on the Internet anyway? Is it to increase public awareness, to increase sales, just to build a community, or all three? Then you should note down how much of your marketing efforts would be online and how much time you intend to spend on online marketing tasks.

There are many strategies to help you plan your Internet marketing process. Make a checklist of the ones that you would like to use including but not limited to Forums, eBooks, Newsletters, Contests, Banners, Articles, and Viral Marketing.

What type of analysis will your marketing be subjected to? What is the return on investment that you expect and how are you going to monitor it? What is your annual internet marketing budget and how will this be divided among the various marketing strategies that you have selected?

Timelines are equally important because they help you to set milestones. Without timelines you are in constant danger or falling behind or getting confused within your plan for Internet marketing. Keep a strict note for dates and time all projects.

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Five Sharp Ways To Write Emails That Can Get Your Sales Cycle Moving - Elijah Logan Longview Texas

Elijah Logan Longview

Kait. Bill. Nick. All sales email gurus in their own right. All sales reps who taught me the secrets behind emails that convert without even knowing it.
To read ‘Five Ways to Write Emails that Sell’ which is inspired by Kait’s awesomeness, check out the blog at To find out how Bill’s and Nick’s sales emails jarred decision-makers out of inattention and into response, stick with me.

Bill’s press release distribution service email achieved the incredible: I received it, noticed it, opened it, and read it. ALL OF IT. So, how did Bill’s email grab his attention and keep it, until the very end?
He didn’t waste a moment getting to the benefit. After briefly covering how his service could help us save money and get free press, he included an early call to action. When you start with a hard-hitting value prop, it makes sense to close early. Folks on mobile devices will also appreciate not having to scroll through an entire email to act.

After Bill’s first call to action, he included three more. How did he create an email that continuously closed without being off-putting? Through structure: he launched into the benefit immediately then closed with a call to action. Below that first close was a bulleted list of the value proposition, further translated into additional benefits. Then close number two. Below that, testimonials with the hard numbers bolded. Then the final close.

He avoided confusion by choosing one method of response for the entire email and sticking with it. All of those calls to action asked us to do the same thing: click. If you have more than one call to action in your email, pick one way you want them to react and stay consistent.

Nick was a sales rep for a marketing automation company who had reached out to me several times and never received a response. He got one with this email.
Subject Line: Curious Silence?
«I reached out to you a few times about *Company Name Here* but haven’t heard back.
Curious if this silence is because you’re currently tied up with other projects or have no interest in evaluating marketing automation for your team.
Would love to hear from you either way.
Have a great day!»
I adopted a version to send to my clients and saw open and response rates skyrocket from prospects who seemed dead in the water. Nine times out of ten, this email generates momentum from even the coldest leads. Here’s why:
This subject line is effective because it’s short, intriguing, and presented in the form of a question, which automatically engages the prospect.
The humor is clever, but not edgy. The copy stays value-based, direct, short, and the low-pressure outro takes a little bit of the edge off. It’s perfect.
The stark choice in his email is easy to spot. It boils the whole situation down to an A or B scenario, which facilitates decision-making like a dream. Spoil your prospects with more than two choices and they’re forced into evaluation mode, which turns talking to you into a task that requires time they probably don’t have.
The stark choice has the power to spur your prospects to action, but can be disastrous if you make the mistake of getting pushy or going for shock value here. End that sentence with something like «saving your business» or «doing the right thing» and just like that, you sound aggressive and hostile. If you’re going to use the stark choice, plainly and objectively state what moving forward with your company looks like for them. Remain informative and objective.
Thoughts? Tips? Share them with me. Be sure to check out the blog at, and connect at @EliLoganTx

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A Quickie on Banner Stand Exhibits - Elijah Logan Longview Texas

By Elijah Logan Longview Texas

Banner Stands are a high impact, inexpensive and attractive medium of advertisement. They are usually found at exhibitions, trade shows, retail stores – just about anywhere the potential customer can be attracted by high wattage graphics.

The attractive thing about banner stands is that they are portable, flexible and easy to set up. There are different kinds of banner stands like retractable or rollup, pole, telescopic and others. The technology that enables the high quality of graphics and photos has added to the beauty of banners.

While organizing banner stands for exhibitions, there are many choices to deliberate on. For a portable trade show, the choice is between a fully customized exhibition and a portable exhibit.

The general opinion is that a portable is much better than a customized banner stand. For one, portable systems cost a fraction of a custom built one. The exhibition center built by portable is ready in a jiffy compared to the custom built systems.

Another advantage is that you can handle and test the system before using. It is flexible and can be used again and again. Also, portable systems are ready to pack and easy to transport.

Choosing the right banner stand may be considered care fully. Banner Stands can be divided into indoor and outdoor. Indoor exhibition banner stands are used for retail exhibitions and trade show conferences, indoor events and sales promotion. This category can be further divided into retractable and pole banner stands. Pole stands are cheap and strong. Roll up or retractable are easy to set up, with safe casing for graphics, and are easily portable.

Outdoor exhibition banner stands are suitable for outside use. They are weather proof, wind resistant and need outdoor resistant graphics.

Exhibition selling and advertising can energize the dullest of products with colorful and attractive banner stands. Banner stands exhibits are crucial for attracting potential customers.

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Brand Consistency At Trade Shows - Elijah Logan Longview Texas

Longview Texas Based Elijah Logan

Corporations often need to exhibit at simultaneous trade shows in different locales and for different reasons. They often have two trade show exhibits in the same city at the same time. Going one step further, a company may even have two separate trade show exhibits at the same trade show.

Oracle is an example of a company exhibiting at two trade shows at the same time in the same city. Why does this happen?

Quite simply, each trade show appearance had a different objective. One trade show exhibit concentrated on new lead generation, while the other trade show display’s focus was on new product launches. Even though these trade shows differed, Oracle’s message needed to be consistent in presenting their corporate brand. Trade show visitors may have a different agenda for attending each trade show, but the corporate message must remain consistent and easily identified with the corporate DNA.

Every aspect of trade show exhibit presence also must match up with company promotional materials, advertising, public relations, online marketing, website and direct mail. Companies lose identity when they dilute their image with mixed messages. Marketing pros say the golden rule is to stay true to your corporate message, reinforce the brand, and let everything else follow suit.

Event Marketer Magazine advises corporate marketers to be wary of delegating trade show activities to their product development staff. Product teams understandably tend to focus on products rather than the corporate message. This can seriously undermine the corporate image agenda.

So, in order to avoid mixed messages, pre show briefings with all the trade show staff team are essential. Then be sure to keep communication channels open and ongoing. Be on guard for any off the wall, wacky surprises that could distort your presentation. Also, have company monitors drop in at the trade show booths on the trade show exhibit hall to assure that the discipline of your corporate exhibiting goals is maintained.

As an example, Event Marketer Magazine sites the experience of DaimlerChrysler. With some 60 national auto shows, DaimlerChrysler works with its eight business units to develop trade show programs for these multi-market trade shows. They then send staffers from zone offices to check on the execution at the trade show. «Although we all have the objective of moving the metal, we also have to maintain the brand consistency,» says director of global event marketing Don Schmid. «That doesn’t always fit into what the dealers want to do.»

The DaimlerChrysler zone staffers leave a show after a few days, and dealers are often tempted to add additional makes and models to the exhibit space. «They might try and move in 15 percent more vehicles, which makes the space look like a parking lot,» says Schmid. «We have to be ready at all times to play sheriff.»

When exhibiting at a trade show, here are a few things to remember about corporate image reinforcement and brand consistency:

Understand the basic objectives of the design your corporate look.

Adhere to the parameters of the corporate image guidebook. All visuals must meet specific guidelines. Be aware not only of the physical specifications of visuals but also how to incorporate them for trade shows with multiple audiences and products. Stay true to your corporate colors and fonts and be conscious of how the name of the company is used.

Be consistent in your brand «mindset» –whether it be upscale, sophisticated, young or old. Not only with the way your trade show exhibit looks, but also with the dress style and comportment of your trade show booth staff.

Be sure everyone who represents your company is knowledgeable about all communication aspects of the company. Be able to articulate the brand in trade show booth graphics, sales pitches, promotional hand outs, email and web messages, even on business cards.

Many brands such as Yahoo! in Sunnyvale, Apple Computer Inc. in Cupertino, eBay in San Jose, Google in Mountain View, Hewlett-Packard in Palo Alto, Oracle in Redwood City, and Sun Microsystems of Santa Clara have distinctive logos and have a certain «personality» and feel about them.

Although they are all in the high tech industry, each of the brands is noted for their individual character. All have colorful and consistent images. Their brands are distinctive and successful, and their representatives have learned to speak with one voice.

Your company’s brand image will have a much great return on investment if you enforce these
basic disciplines.

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Expert Network Marketing Advice That Will Strengthen Your Business - Elijah Logan Longview Texas

Mingling with guests, signing people to your team, making money while enjoying life — these are just a few reasons that so many people are drawn to a business opportunity like network marketing. Before you decide to cash in your chips to devote your resources to marketing; however, read these tips to help you better understand the market.

You have to make a decision that your network marketing business will be built to be a success. Many people who start network marketing treat it as more of a hobby than a tried and true business and this inevitably leads to why people fail. It is a business and can make you a considerable income, do not treat it as anything different.

Don't leave it up to your website to make you money! You can't just take the «if I build it, they will come» attitude or you will FAIL in network marketing. You have to beat the pavement locally, to build your downline, be it by sharing marketing materials or actually talking to people you meet.

Set yourself up at trade shows locally to present your business to the world. Make sure that the theme of the trade show matches your sales pitch — you shouldn't pay for a table at an anime show, and a hobby show is likely to draw a different kind of crowd than you're looking to sign up.

Solicit the advice of experts. Don't be afraid to ask others who are already successful in the industry for help. Network marketers are some of the nicest people, and are usually eager to help struggling beginners. Most will recall being in your shoes, and how someone helped them on their climb to the top.

Remember when network marketing that time is a very valuable commodity, both for you and for members of your marketing network. You need to act in a timely fashion when there's something that needs to be done, whether it's introducing a product or contacting members of your network. You can't just leave people waiting around.

When participating in network marketing, you should always aim to lead by example. You should never cease training, recruiting, and monitoring. Always keep in mind the KISS formula: «Keep It Simple, Sweaty.» Following this rule will lead to a better success rate for you and the others you are leading.

Keep learning about a strategy until you are able to apply it successfully. Some strategies and tools will be more relevant than others, but you should carefully consider everything you read about. If you have trouble applying a strategy, find out more about it and ask yourself why you are having trouble with it.

If you are asking people for help and advice, ask questions on specific topics. Getting general advice is useful, but sometimes we just need help on the nitty-gritty of getting our business off the ground. Once you learn these specifics, make sure to pass them on to your downline.

Not to make network marketing sound that lavish, but there are certainly worse ways you can make a living. When done properly, MLM can be extremely rewarding and exceedingly satisfying. To help you get started out or to improve your position, employ the tips you've just read in the text above.

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Booth Staff for Your Next Trade Show - The Value of Technical Experts

Elijah Logan

When most people think of trade show booth staff, they picture a gaggle of first-rate sales reps. They’re talkative, friendly, knowledgeable professionals who will connect with leads, discover the challenges they face in their businesses and mold product-centric solutions.

There’s no doubt that these folks should be in the booth. But they shouldn’t be alone.
The salesperson described above employs a particular set of techniques that have been successful in the past, but are becoming obsolete in modern business to business sales. These techniques were effective on purchasers who understood the problems their business faced, but didn’t know how to fix them. With endless amounts of product information available online, that’s not the case anymore.
This Corporate Executive Board study found that most B2B customers have completed 60% of a purchasing decision before they open dialogue with potential suppliers.
By that time, most customer have reached an understanding of their problem and, through research, have arrived at a solution. When they do begin speaking with a suppliers, they’re looking for the organization who can most efficiently and cost-effectively implement that solution.

This is where the importance of including technicians-turned-salespeople in your booth is evident. Legitimate purchasers are more likely to have detailed questions and these technicians-turned-salespeople are in a unique position to provide specialized information that paints a picture of fulfillment for potential clients’ existing, self-arrived solution.

Employing a focus on technical information shouldn’t stop at your booth. A study by Gelb Consulting shows that 56% of trade show attendees claim that purchasing decisions resulted from various factors, including the trade show booth. It makes sense if they’re among the 60% referred to above. Including technical sections on your website or publishing white papers in industry publications ensures that the information provided by the technical expert manning your trade show booth is consistent across marketing channels and widely available.

Not only will this technique drive sales and lead conversions from trade shows, it will position your company as an industry expert, which is exactly what savvy industrial buyers are looking for.

Are you a die-hard believer in solution sales? Or is the technique another casualty of the Information Age? Share it in the comments! Be sure to check out the blog at, and connect at @EliLoganTx

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How Trade Shows Can Help Launch your Business in New Industries - Elijah Logan Longview Texas

Elijah Logan Longview Texas

Are you a small business looking to generate more sales leads? It may be time to get vertical.
According to this recommendation of contributor and Business Refinement, LLC founder Michael Kaleikini, the best way to break into a new vertical is to begin connecting with industry partners who can help you reach decision-makers directly.

One of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to do just that is to begin sponsoring or exhibiting in industry trade shows. Trade shows allow exhibiting companies to:

Gain face-time with prospects and industry professionals: This article from shows that decision-makers value face-to-face communication more than any other form of communication for fluid decision-making and purchasing processes.

Build professional relationships that will last the lifetime of your business: An EventView study reports that 62% of senior executives chose event marketing as the discipline that best accelerates and deepens relationships.

Close sales faster and spend less doing it: In addition to exhibiting being one of the most valuable assets for initiating long-lasting relationships, it’s one the most cost-effective methods of lead generation in business. A study published by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) shows that sales cycles that result from trade show leads close faster and cost less to close than outside sales leads; $550 and 1.4 sales calls compared to $997 and 3.6 sales calls, respectively.

Participation in trade shows provides businesses with a smooth transition into a new vertical, with the potential to achieve big results quickly.

Mark LaCour of modalpoint, a company that helps organizations sell their products to the oil and gas industry, has seen the power of trade shows first-hand. «After sponsoring a breakfast track at a trade show, I watched one of our clients go from zero dollars of revenue from the oil and gas industry to ten million dollars in twelve months.»

Has your organization expanded into another industry using trade shows? Share your insights. Want more information on B2B trade shows? Visit the blog at and connect with me @EliLoganTx

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Global Business to Business Marketplace - Elijah Logan Longview Texas

Most latest and significantly useful way of trade prevailing in market is Global B2b Marketplace. It is a trade portal through which buyers and suppliers of various goods and services come together in a virtual trade show. These trade shows are conducted as either regular trade shows or online trade shows.

The companies today jointly are coming with this concept of fusing at a common place for the convenience of each other. The primary focus is to facilitate trade at various levels i.e.
• Manufacturing level
• Import level
• Export level
• Wholesale level

It is a two way process in which the buyers will find the worlds most reputable suppliers and vice versa at one common ground.

Buyers Consideration: Every buyer is in search of supplier who has the capability and the facility to meet his procurement needs. To fulfill these criteria each one is struggling globally. But with the coming of this new concept of trading, it is a blessing to find varied range of suppliers under one roof. The suppliers who match ones consideration can be contacted directly.
In case of online trade shows an email can be triggered when new goods or services listing appears. Benefits of buying including detailed company profile, product information, List of industry association, multiple quotations, etc.

Suppliers Consideration: B2B Marketplace acts like a hub for various suppliers to promote their products by providing detailed information about their offering through catalogs. The more of the displayed visibility translates increased awareness about the company and the potential for entry in untapped markets which inurns increases the sale pattern. It appears like an opportunity for suppliers to get noticed by global buyers through enhanced exposure.

Companies through out the world get themselves registered for such shows. They are required to provide complete information about themselves starting from true name, postal address, phone, fax, e mail address, registration content etc.

Key Points

• Suppliers can provide world class products to their customers at good prices and one can find manufacturers and suppliers that one can trust to deliver best quality at the best price on time.
• It is very cost effective way to connect with the whole lot of trading units throughout the world.
• One may find thousands of credible suppliers to compete for ones business. This makes the quality and price comparison easier and much simpler across the range of suppliers in seconds.
• It is the most appreciable and quickest key to global trade.

Elijah Logan Longview Texas @EliloganTx

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Determining the Value of Potential Advertising Channels Online - Elijah Logan Longview Texas

Elijah Logan Longview Texas

It’s important for any business to have an online advertising presence. Whether it’s Google AdWords, digital newsletters or industry websites, online visibility is a must in today’s business climate. It’s possible for any-sized business to gain online exposure without breaking the bank through properly evaluating advertising channels and a little Google Ad Words home work.

When you’re evaluating the quality of online advertising channels/ newsletters:

Get information on subscriber/ visitor demographics. In other words, who is visiting the website or receiving the online newsletter? Make sure the readership is in line with your customer base.
How many people visit the site each month? This number will help you determine your cost-per-contact. Just divide the amount you’re spending by the total readership.
Clicks and Click-through Rate: If you’re looking at buying banner space on an online newsletter or digital publication, getting clicks and click-through rate information will help you determine how engaged the readers are with that particular publication. What good is a monstrous readership number if most of them aren’t clicking on anything in the online newsletter?
Do you receive exclusive placement? Most banner ads are shared real estate, which means your ad will be one in a rotation. That effects the number of times your will be served to (or seen by) the readership. That will affect your cost-per-contact number.
Reevaluate cost.Take the total readership and divide it by the number of rotations the space will go through before your ad appears. For example, if your ad is one of ten ads sharing a single space and the website/ online newsletter has a readership of 10,000 your ad will be seen by 1,000 readers instead of the whole 10,000. That new number will dramatically affect your cost-per-contact.
So, what’s an acceptable cost-per-contact rate? It really depends. I know, I know; that answer seems like a cop-out. It’s not. If you’ve found a medium that effectively targets your customer base (especially if you have a product that serves a niche market) and if it reaches the people within that market that can make or influence purchasing decisions, a high cost-per-contact may be absolutely worth it. That’s why investing a little time in qualifying potential adverting channels is worth a try.
Next week’s post will cover information on Google AdWords and how to customize a campaign that delivers results and makes the most of your investment. To get a head-start, check out Google AdWords’ extremely helpful FAQ section at
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How to Build A Social Media Strategy - Elijah Logan Longview Texas

Social Media Expert Elijah Logan

Ask Yourself These Questions
Stahl suggests that, in developing your social media strategy, you ask yourself the following:
1. WHAT formats are we going to use? (Blogs, video, charts.)
2. WHY does anyone care about what we’re doing?
3. WHY does this provide business value?
4. HOW are we going to deliver the message? (What are the best social media platforms for reaching your audience?)
5. HOW should we say it? (Tone of voice.)
6. WHERE will we get the content?
7. WHERE can we syndicate the content?
8. WHEN will content be published?
9. WHEN will it need to be updated (and how frequently)? Set expectations. (For example, Twitter: one to two tweets per week starting six months in advance of your event, and three to four tweets per week from two months out.)
10. WHO is responsible for the content? Assign content to the appropriate parties, and assign someone to oversee the efforts.
11. WHO will maintain it over time?
Where Will We Get the Content?
An integral part of your strategy will be in determining what content you are going to post and where your social media team will get the content. Stahl suggests these areas are among the most valuable content sources:
1. Editorial: Magazine and online news.
2. Marketing and public relations: Printed pieces, website, and industry and event news.
3. Educational/learning: Session tracks and speakers.
4. Show-logistics updates.
More Hands-On Tips
1. Tweet each new speaker you book, using the speaker’s or his/her company’s Twitter handle to alert them of the tweet; Encourage all speakers to retweet your announcement (most will anyway). Also, tag them on Facebook mentions and via other social media channels you use. This can significantly expand your reach and expose your speakers’ followers to your show.
2. Tweet every exhibitor and sponsor you sign on, using the company’s Twitter handle. Same idea as above.
3. Organize Facebook chats or Twitter chats with select speakers; promote them to your audience via social media and e-mail alerts. Ensure that the chats include information your audience will find valuable.
4. Conduct Q&As with select speakers, providing information and teasing (soft-sell) the upcoming session and event. Publish it online and promote it via social media channels.
5. Conduct Q&As with select exhibitors and sponsors about emerging products and trends among their clients. Be sure these are not sales pitches.
6. Encourage your speakers and vendors to use their social media channels to promote their participation in your events. Provide them with event hashtags (e.g., #growyourshow) and industry hashtags (e.g., #expochat), as well as the event URL. Tell them how to shorten links (or better yet, provide shortened links).
7. Determine the leading tweeters (or people on other platforms) and bloggers in your industry and invite them as guests to your show to tweet and/or blog about it.

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